Reed Space Exclusive

Originally I had a few samples created just for fun. I ended up giving it to the Kim Sisters, my all time favorite sisters in NYC that hold me down. Since they look way better in the hat than I do, I decided to go ahead and make that the newest edition to the 5 panel hats. Also because everyone was asking for this color, so here it is. The hat is also called "The Kim."So this one is dedicated to you two.

Not only is it just a dope color way, I grew up on wearing Dickies and Carhartt. Finally, they will match with "Tims" too. If you are interested in purchasing this, The Brown 3M Hat is exclusively available at Reed Space NYC 151 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

Photo Credit @DaHeataDaKid (Jeremy DeHitta)

Poon & Friends

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Night Market

I am proud to announce that I will be apart of this great opportunity. You Love Poon is a sponsor as well as a vendor this year selling hats and shirts!

The NY Reflective Shirt will be exclusively available to purchase at the Night Market. Click on the link below for tix!